Life and (Smashing) Physics

Top-10-Book-2014-200x200My book, Smashing Physics, is available here and at all good bookshops. Here’s the review by Graham Farmelo for Guardian Books. For other reviews, see above.

If you want your copy signed, or to hear me talk about it, here are some opportunities:

1 April Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

9 April LAS Astronomy Society Theydon Bois (visitors welcome).

The launch event at the Royal Institution, introduced and chaired by Brian Cox.

CBC Quirks and Quarks; Guardian Science podcast; May update of the Cosmic Genome plus free video trailer.

Past events

More reviews, comments, background information and discussion

Life and Physics Blog

As of 31/8/2010 this blog mainly moved to a new home at The Guardian. These pages will stay here too though and I occasionally add things which don’t really belong on the Guardian for whatever reason.

Versions of two of the posts in this blog have appeared in the New Scientist‘s S-Word, one of which received a response from the Science Minister.


I’m a physics professor at UCL, where I am Head of the Department of Physics and Astronomy. I do my research in the UCL High Energy Physics group, on the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Contact details, links and more research & professional information on my homepage at UCL. Also, I am on twitter, and here are some thoughts on why.


The content of these pages is my own, and unless explicitly stated otherwise it doesn’t represent the official views of UCL, ATLAS, Science Board, STFC, the Royal Society, the Butterworth family, English people with brown hair or any other group I am or have been employed by or associated with. In fact, damn it, sometimes they aren’t even my own official views.


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